The business area of EQUIPMENT AND ENGINEERING includes companies engaged in the manufacture, sale and rental of equipment and structures that help improve the productivity and safety in industry and construction.


Metalusa, SA
Zona Industrial, Ap. 63
3854-909 Albergaria-a-Velha
T +351 234 529 230


Metalusa Portugal, SA
Zona Industrial, Ap. 61
3854-909 Albergaria-a-Velha
T +351 234 529 235

Metalusa España, S.L.U.
Calle Londres, 3
Poligno Industrial Puerta de Madrid
28978 Casarrubuelos Madrid
T 918 106 078

Metalusa France, SAS
69, Avenue Paul Langevin
77550 Moissy Cramayel
T 01 60 18 08 95
F 01 60 02 24 30

Metalusa Maroc, SARL
Douar Chatwa Ben Yakhlef,
Route Principale N.1 – Km 27,
28830 Mohammedia
T +212 8 08 52 29 47
F +212 5 23 33 11 9

Metalusa Angola, SA
Participações e Negócios, SA
Rua da Sonef, Km 25, s/n
Município de Viana – LUANDA
T +351 962 058 507
+351 933 683 820

Metalusa UK, LTD
Unit 70, Interchange House,  
MK 169 QS
T 01 908 299 530   
F 01 908 299 001

Metalusa Mozambique, LDA
Av. Tomás N’Duda, 752 RC
T +258 841 390 934

Metalusa Chile, Spa
Ruta 160, Concepción-Coronel, Nº 6900
Sector Villa Verde Escuadrón Com. de Coronel – Prov. Concep

Fono. (56) 41 2152475

Export & Engineering Division
Zona Industrial, Ap. 63
3854-909 Albergaria-a-Velha
T +351 234 529 230





Metalusa Côte D’Ivoire
Cocody, II Plateaux
Rue des Jardins
06 BP 2569 Abidjan 06
Côte d’Ivoire
+225 25 22 00 90 60

Steel Construction
MODIKO® sells dream homes and monitors the construction of the same, thereby sparing the owners from doing this work. The company is part of «Grupo Patrilar» and has developed and patented the Modiko construction system, manufacturing the different elements using the latest technological equipment and certified quality.

Modiko Estruturas de Construção, Lda.
Rua Pedra Moura, nº 1-A – Aradas
3810-390 Aveiro – Portugal
T. +351 234 943 200
F. +351 234 943 209

Construction, Real Estate & Services

This business area of the “Patrilar Group” includes the development of property development projects, buying and selling property, renting and providing services with machinery and construction, both traditional and using the Modiko system.

Kumpre – Construção, Imobiliária e Serviços, Lda
Rua Pedra Moura, 1
Aradas 3810-390, Aveiro
T +351 234 246 090

Wine Production

R. Catraia 18
3780-011 Amoreira da Gândara
Anadia, Aveiro

Quatro Cravos produces high quality wines with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) Bairrada and Geographical Identification (GI) Beira Atlântico.

Sociedade Agrícola Quatro Cravos manages the wine production of Adega Cravo, Adega Original and PositiveWine, adding wine tourism activities and providing spaces for private and corporate events.

The vineyards grow in two different kinds of soil, the clay, loam and limestone soils and sandy soils of varying degrees of grain with moderate clay content.

As a result of the type of soil in the region, the wines made are distinguished, balanced and with aromatic sophistication inland while light and lively in the coastland.

The brands are presented in the market with the seal “Quatro Cravos” as a commitment to quality assurance and to assume the company’s institutional responsibility for its products.


Metalusa provided equipment and technical solution with the ADAPT® Multidirectional System for the “Oeiras Valley” Stand. This Stand, one of the best spots of the NOS Alive 2022 festival with a privileged view of the main stage....
Metalusa Portugal supported the organization of Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022. The ADAPT® Multidirectional System was the system used for several engineering solutions for this event, which is considered one of the biggest festivals in the world. Metalusa – More Security and Better Productivity!
Metalusa Industrial, the holding company of the «Metalusa Group», has incorporated a new subsidiary company, Metalusa CI, based in Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast....
The Cathedral of Portalegre was created in the 16th century in a Renaissance style (it later underwent Baroque style alterations) and it is one of the most iconic monuments of this Alentejan city.
The award was due to the Albergaria-a-Verde Recicla certification, in a process that was completed by 31 December 2021....
Original Baga@Bairrada Brut 2017 has been named one of the best effervescent wines in the world by winning the gold medal in the 2019 Effervescents du Monde® contest...
During the months of September and October, the construction works for the new facilities of Patrimetal, SARL took place in Morocco.
Batimat, the second largest international Construction Trade Fair in Europe begins today, November 4th, in Paris, France.
The event was very well received and took place with much good cheer in a sociable and friendly ambiance and counted with the presence of customers, Metalusa Group management’s staff and local personalities.
Last weekend (6, 7 and 8 September), Rock in Rio Celebration took place near Belém Tower in Lisbon, to celebrate the festival’s 15 years in Portugal. The event combined music, video mapping and fireworks.
In 1877, Marques Gomes publishes the book "Cidade de Aveiro * Todas as Villas e Freguezias do seu Districto" (City of Aveiro * All the Towns and Parishes of its District) in which, when he characterises Bairrada, he states that it only became a great wine centre in 1820.
MetaloIbérica S.A. has developed an engineering solution with the Towrok® shoring system for the João Abel de Freitas tunnel in the Madeira Archipelago.
Patrilar Group maintains the pace of investment in the four business areas – equipment and engineering, modular construction, real estate and wine production.
Feliz Natal | Merry Christmas | Joyeux Noël | Feliz Navidad | Frohe Weihnachten
The Industrial Complex of Sines is the largest Portuguese chemical company and one of the 10 largest exporting companies in the country. The Petrochemical Complex of Repsol occupies an area of approximately 100 hectares and annually processes approximately one million tonnes in raw materials.
MetaloIbérica S.A. (a subsidiary of Metalusa S.A.) has developed several engineering solutions in ADAPT® and SHORFLEX® for Rock in Rio Lisboa 2018 (viewed as the largest music festival of the world).
Three housing projects have been developed for the building of a residential complex in Guadaloupe Islands, the French territory in the Caribbean.
Our FLUTT sparkling wine has won the Grand Gold Medal! It was considered the “best sparkling wine of the year” in the 2018 Edition of the Wines of Portugal Contest.
Mission and History

The vision

«Grupo Patrilar» has the vision of a multinational organisation in all the areas of business in which it operates, based on innovation and long-term partnerships to create value for both clients and shareholders.


Improve and innovate in products and solutions to ensure the development of the business through organic growth to offer satisfaction and value.


The values are the principles that guide to the behaviors and attitudes of employees in the exercise of its responsibilities to achieve the targets set for each objective, execute the mission, in the direction of view.

The organization’s values are:
• Competence;
• Focus on results;
• Responsibility;
• Commitment;
• Innovation;
• Commitment to quality;
• Ethic.


The company METALOIBÉRICA, SA, begins the manufacture of products for the construction.


Defining new business strategy, with new product development, defining the company’s market segments and creating brands. Are registered product brands NOR 48, ADAPT ®,COFIBER and MODUTEC®.

OHMI 004998738

OHMI 004998712

OHMI 004975967

OHMI 004976023


As part of a continuous improvement process, necessary to achieve full satisfaction of employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers, the company certified by the NP EN ISO 9002:1995.


High investment in robotics, automation and environmental component.
The products are approved according to UNE 76502:1990 / HD 1000:1998 CEN.


It is created a new area of research and development, to consolidate the sustainable growth based on developing new products and improving the perceived characteristics of products.
Are established protocols for collaboration with laboratories in countries where certifiers were created trading companies.
It obtained the approval certificate ISO 9001:2000.
Creation of PATRILAR IMOBILIÁRIA, LDA to group activities related to property management.


Are launched two new products: the suspended platforms SAFTEC® and the shoring towers TOWROK®.

OHMI 005040308

OHMI 006380059

Constitution of TÉKETO MODULAR, LDA which starts its activity in traditional construction with the goal of eventually making the transition to modular construction steel.


It is triggered a new innovation process for developing a new vertical formwork system with 3m high, designated FORTEKO®.
It consists society METALOFRANCE, SAS, Paris, to group commercial activities in France.


Renewal of certificate of approval NP EN ISO 9001:2000.
The products manufactured by the company are certified according to European standard UNE-EN 12810-12811:2005.
It consists of the company PATRIMETAL MAROC SARL in Tanger, Morocco and acquired the entire share capital of BETADATA, SA in Angola.


GRUPO PATRILAR is formed following the split of METALOIBÉRICA SA production assets into METALUSA SA. METALUSA SA manufactures the equipments while METALOIBÉRICA SA is responsible for selling and renting in Portugal and Spain.

It is started a new project for research and development of an application profile type with two new products: BLOCTEK® for stabilization system for facades and MODIKO® structures for modular construction.

OHMI 006653356

It is made the consolidation of all activities in a designated Economic Group “GRUPO PATRILAR”. The group is organized into three distinct areas of activity: equipment, modular construction and property management.


The structure MODIKO is certified in terms of mechanical resistance and stability according to standard ETAG025.


METALUSA wins “Prémio Exportação & Internacionalização” (Export & Internationalization Award), awarded by “Jornal de Negócios” and Banco Espírito Santo.

TÉKETO starts marketing and building construction using MODIKO system.


TÉKETO Production Delegations are created in Aveiro, Alverca and Ermesinde.
A new METALOFRANCE delegation is created in Le Havre, Upper Normandy, France, for the cold rental fo scaffolding.

UMETEL UK ENGINEERING LTD founded in the United Kingdom to develop a simple sale and rental of equipment in this market.


Development of SHORFLEX® structures: Jump Forming (SHORFLEX® TP) and High-resistance Propping (SHORFLEX® HR).

OHMI 011523371

OHMI 011523371

Start-up of the simple hire of scaffolding by the companies Metalo-Ibérica, SA in Portugal and Betadata, SA in Angola.

Constitution of Metallo-Iberica S.L.U., affiliate Metalusa in Spain.


Development of Bloktec buttresses for shuttering a face.

OHMI 006653356

Development of new engineering structures:
Facade stabilizers – Shorflex FS

OHMI 011523371

Shuttering Tunnels – Shorflex TN

OHMI 011523371

Presentation of circular formwork Roflex.

OHMI 013153531


Foundation of Modiko Modular Construction Technology, a company of the Patrilar Group responsible for the engineering and architecture of the Modiko modular construction system.


Sepco – Servicios de Ingeniería del Pacifico was created in Coronel, Chile. Sepco is responsible for the equipment hire and sales’ activity on the Chilean market.

The Patrilar Group starts the new Wine Production business area with the creation of PositiveWine and Quatro Cravos.


The producer PositiveWine launches three brands of still and sparkling wine on the market: Original, Flutt and Positivo.

Launch of the new structure of watchtowers Shorflex TV.

OHMI 011523371

Delegation of creation Metalusa in Lima, Peru.

Strategic partnership establishment in the Benelux.


The MetaloFrance branch moves its facilities to Savigny-le-Temple.

The sparkling wine Flutt wins the gold medal at the “Bairrada Vinhos & Sabores” trade fair.

MetaloIbérica S.A opens its new facilities in Albergaria-a-Velha.


The sparkling wine Flutt Branco wins several medals at both home and abroad.

PositiveWine purchases the Pé de Ganso brand.

Metalusa launches its new line of Adapt-Bancadas products.


MetaloIberica S.L.U. opens its new facilities in Casarrubuelos, Madrid.

Construction work is carried out on the new Patrimetal, SARL facilities in Morocco.

PositiveWine enhances its image. The company´s new image now features the word Positive associated with the + sign representing optimism and excellence. The word Wine in bold type reinforces the trust, certainty and robustness of what we offer. The small vertical dash that, together with the letter E, defines the + sign and aims to reinforce the positive nature of the products we provide in each bottle.


New cooperative images for “Adega Quatro Cravos” and “Adega Original”.

Metalusa launches a new line of Shorflex HD engineering products on the market. Based on a new top-quality carbon steel cold-formed profile, we are now able to offer facade stabilisation/other solutions with a greater load capacity, which will complement the existing Shorflex range families, with a particular emphasis on Shorflex FS facade stabilisers and Shorflex HT high-strength shoring structures.


The rebranding of MODIKO – Construction Technology is conducted; this time the company broadens its goals with regard to construction technology, and is no longer viewed as a mere modular construction engineering company.


The corporate image of Patrilar Imobiliária is changed to “Patrilar Imobiliária & Serviços”.


Zona Industrial, Ap. 63
3854-909 Albergaria-a-Velha
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