Flare Tower – Repsol of Sines

The Industrial Complex of Sines is the largest Portuguese chemical company and one of the 10 largest exporting companies in the country.
The Petrochemical Complex of Repsol occupies an area of approximately 100 hectares and annually processes approximately one million tonnes in raw materials.
With the purpose of improving the competitiveness of the installations as to the level of energy efficiency, technological innovation, inspection and maintenance, Repsol invested approximately 60M€ in the complex.
The Technical Office of MetaloIbérica has developed technical solutions and structural calculations for various scaffolding structures used in the works, through its client UTEBSULAB – ALP Group (Asturias).
The structure in ADAPT® presented has approximately 35 metres high and has a high level of complexity due to the lateral forces caused by the wind, as well as to the adverse use conditions.